We Are Those Parents

So I recently took Gypsy in for her 3 month well visit - (she's now 14 pushing 15 weeks old believe it or not) - and of course, I was beaming because I, like so many other parents, already believe our child is gifted, special and beyond compare. (Cutest, smartest, bestest, etc.).

And to us, she is.

But I had one of what I am certain are fairly common moments among parents when that wind is completely taken out of your sails:

Me: She totally wants to stand up already like a big girl. She loves standing - despite not being able to do it or even crawl yet. And she's laughing out loud already too.

Pediatrician: "Oh yeah - that's completely typical for three months."

Me: Silent, but thinking - Hey... don't call my daughter typical - She is extraordinary... magical... totally unique!

That said, she's still in the 83rd percentile for head circumference, so there's that.