What do Cheerleaders, Plastic Surgery and Scrap Metal all Have in Common?


Which by the way, is why I haven't blogged lately. The organization I work with hosts an annual meeting that consumes our lives for about one week each year. (Actually, when you count the month leading up to the meeting, it's longer - but really it's the one week that is pretty much all-consuming and in Vegas, it felt even crazier thanks to the lack of clocks and daylight which, combined with a subtle bit of jet-lag can really throw off your circadian rhythm and entire sleep schedule). I also developed what I have since learned is called, "Vegas Throat." Anyway, regardless of locale, it's an amazing experience and this year, I really relished the opportunity to get to know many more of our member physicians who I generally don't have face time with and spend more time with my Cali-based colleagues, but I'm not going to lie - it was a tough week because it was the first time I ever had to leave Gypsy for longer than a typical workday. And - I swear, I could literally see her changing in the pics day-to-day. She stopped looking like an infant and started to take on more 'adult' expressions.

That said, it was also a great experience for John. He got to spend nearly 8 straight days with our baby girl solo. It was a wonderful bonding experience for the two of them - and they kept me sane by sending me pics and videos fairly constantly. We'd also Facetime in the morning, (though Gypsy seemed nonplussed by that). I spent about a minute crying each morning because I missed her so damn much - but I also knew I had a job to do and that I want to set an example for her, which means always doing my best, which means not losing my shit when there's work to be done.

Anyway though, I survived and the meeting was a success - as were Gypsy and John's 8 days alone - and this is good, because it's looking like I'll be taking a second trip in August that might be equally as long as this one.

On another note - the cheerleading convention/competition was a total trip. I have never seen so many children milling about in a casino at ALL HOURS OF THE NIGHT. It was bizarre to say the least - and add to that the near-beauty-pageantry of it all (CREEPY) and that just made my head spin.

The one group I photographed, (pictured here and YES, of course I got permission), was the ONLY one I saw over the course of many days that looked like everyday little girls. No tarty makeup, no inappropriate outfits... just natural young girls doing their 'thing." It was refreshing to say the least.

Where were they from you ask?

Oh - well... Mexico. I'll let you do the math.